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A name given to the resource

Example: The Fauna of Southern Wales: an Enthusiast’s Handbook. Third edition


An entity primarily responsible for making the resource

Example: Meriwether-Jones, Cedric and Arthur Ponsonbury


An entity responsible for making the resource available

Example: London: Wethers Brothers; New York: George Dickinson


A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource

Example: 1885

Number of Volumes or Pages; illustrated?

Example #1: 432 pages; illustrated.
Example #2: Three volumes.

Brief Notes on Book

Example: 205 hand coloured plates -- Signed by Arthur Ponsonbury.


Descriptive essays should be no more than 250 words discussing the item’s interesting features, significance, and importance to you. Members should expect only light editing for grammar and spelling, not extensive fact-checking or content changes.


IMPORTANT AND OPTIONAL: If you would like your name shown on the public internet as the contributor of this item in the exhibit, type it here. If you do not provide your name, only Caxton Club members will know you have contributed this item via the password protected online Caxton Club directory at

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