I understand that I am submitting photographs, bibliographic information, and descriptive essay for inclusion in an online, public exhibition to be mounted on the Caxton Club website. I further understand that the materials which I submit will be included in the exhibition at the discretion of the Caxton Club.

I understand that my submission may be lightly edited for spelling and grammar. However, if any more substantive changes (such as factual errors or improper language) are deemed necessary by the Club’s Digital Exhibition Committee, I understand that the submission will be returned to me for revision or clarification.

I understand that I am relinquishing to the Caxton Club any literary rights and/or copyrights that I hold for the photographs and descriptive essay in my submission. I further understand that my submission will be reviewed to ensure that the copyrights of the copyright holders for the item are not violated, to the best understanding of the Club.

I affirm that I am the physical owner in good faith of the item which I discuss in my submission.