Principles and Practice of Architecture

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Principles and Practice of Architecture


Sanford E. Loring and William L. B. Jenney


Cobb, Pritchard & Co.



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I have never considered myself to be a collector of rare books, but my interests have brought me into owning a great many books – one of which, to me, has had great value: William Le Baron Jenney’s so-called PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE OF ARCHITECTURE. While Sanford Loring’s name precedes that of Jenney as the author, I am convinced that Loring contributed nothing to this fine folio-sized book, other than his name.

The publisher was the printing firm owned and operated by the family of Jenney’s “intended” (Elizabeth – “Liz” - Cobb), and I am convinced, as well, that its cost of creation was Elizabeth’s “dowry."

I was tipped to the availability of the copy that I have via an internet sale by Russell Zimmermann, the noted Milwaukee architectural historian, whose office is atop the only Jenney designed structure in Milwaukee, during our conversation on the day that we met in his office. I soon was able to tell him that I had taken advantage of his tip. I have never had a reason to be other than pleased – not even when I found that now a copy is readily accessible to all by means of an Internet search. However, its principal importance to me has been as a readily-accessible research tool, rather than as a collector’s treasure.


John K. Notz, Jr.


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